Sandbox Campaign Update.

I should’ve realized a few posts ago to drop the whole “OD&D” bit, seeing as how I’ve decided on 5th edition D&D as the given ruleset (we’ll be getting into it more later, as prominent NPCs, or non-player characters come into view). Anyways, as promised, I’ve been working on creating a few encounters (although they’ve turned out to be more like story “hooks” upon which the players can possibly progress into an encounter area, or series of encounters) for each major region of Eurychra. It’s actually been harder than I thought it’d be, and I’ve looked online to a number of sources (credit given to them by entry) for help and inspiration. Granted, the list is still incomplete — but as always, this is an ongoing process. Note also the inclusion of the town of Edorast in Harwald (yes, the map has been updated, and I’ll have it up again soon).

HARWALD. While obviously the Harrow-moors and its denizens are at the heart of their troubles, the northmen of Harwald have a number of other crises that prospective heroes may be able to solve.

  • The Jarl of Cressland bids the players to defeat a flock of griffons, who are trained by the hill giants of the Knollands to steal their horses and cattle.
  • A horde of goblin-folk from the Knollands have overtaken the ruined fortress of Hillsedge, but due to their ongoing battle against the denizens of the Harrow-moors, the Harwaldian army needs assistance in dispatching them.
  • The huntsmen of Edorast are seeking a new prey — snake-cultists from the Bleak Hills. According to the mayor, what few women and children dwelling there are being abducted by the cult for blood sacrifices.

UDAN. Far from being the final word this most influential kingdom (certainly not that on the White City of Eburelon), here are the first few notes I’ve managed thus far.

  • The Earl of Balcagost has been accosted as of late by farmers who have complained of a great upheaval, and what appear to be anthills or termite mounds the size of watchtowers (kudos to DeeCee at for this idea).
  • The owner of the The Raven’s Nest, one of the more popular inns in Eburelon’s merchant quarter, surreptitiously contacts the players to hopefully solve an “issue”: his clients are turning up dead overnight.
  • A mysterious robed figure interrupts the players’ meal at The Wyvern’s Wing, a preeminent tavern in Magdal-Ayin. He identifies himself as the Archdruid of Rivelwood, and claims that an ogre from the Hinder Peaks disturbed a crucial ritual, and demands that either the ogre be found as a blood sacrifice in atonement, or one of the city’s watchmen, who are in charge patrolling the mountain perimeter (kudos to Altorin at The Escapist forums for this idea).
  • The notorious bandit leader Johan Bly has managed to escape imprisonment in Malacath, and is rumored to have taken refuge in the ruins of Bad Galeth.

Again, you can see a number of NPCs shaping up in these scenarios, which is really exciting for me (I can’t wait to have a “rogue’s gallery” of “hall of heroes” series, with thorough descriptions, stat blocks and illustrations), but for the time being I’ll continue to sketch out more adventuring ideas for the remaining areas.


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