Sandbox “Hooks” (Cont.).

A few more scraps of adventure for the prospective visitors to Eurychra, and more map changes. The western coastal mountains have been named as the Strandrifts, as well as other changes which will be detailed in the coming installments. But for now, three more realms (including the one from which the players will start their adventures) have been detailed. And yes, I’ve finally figured out bullet points (yay, me).

ANDLACHEN (As mentioned before, this is where the players will begin, and I consciously tried to focus on lower-level scenarios. While not all that original, I think they can serve as effective stepping-stones to greater glories).

  • Shaina Caneduin, wife of the local Merchant Guildmaster, has been abducted to the ruined fortress of Hillsedge and held for ransom.
  •  Old Boaz, proprietor of the Crook and Horn Tavern, wishes to expand his wine cellar due to increasing business. However, construction has revealed a cave system, possibly connected to the Knollands (kudos to Andrew Goldschmidt for this idea).
  • The players are contacted by Lalianthia Arbadam, the local Thieves’ Guildmistress. She explains to them that the position of the Guild is to minimize crime within the city, a process which eliminates any “variables” outside the given order of things. The prime source of most “variables” is Andlachen’s undercity, which is primarily made up of its sewer system and connections to the surface. Unsavory as it may be, such incursions are necessary for the city to properly function, and since most of her associates are not overly fond of them, she is always on the lookout for prospective talent. In return, the players can have whatever treasures they find, in addition to unswerving protection from the Guild in any future event.

COR ARBIRROS (These points should only be accessed by players who have won the trust of the prickly Hyleni, due to some service, or one of the characters having a loyal background).

  • A relic has been stolen from a mausoleum in the Bax Thymea, an object of great worth and power. The players have been assembled by the Nomic clergy in Dom Canal to ensure its return.
  • The people of Cheranoth are up in arms, for several young Hylenas have apparently been abducted by the Witch of Wringwood, who sacrifices them to give her eternal life.
  • Some foul presence has descended from the southern reach of the Strandrift Mountains, and made its lair in the former hold of Makolon. Even Lord Bathastus sees this as a threat to his realm, as the evil seems to be targeting the farmlands of Akradys, and the hard-working folk who dwell there.

LENDALAR (While short on detail, these adventures lead to greater mysteries, those involving the Dread Mountains, and the tragic history of the dwarves).

  • The great goblin-killer Skatha Ugghagar has gone missing after investigating a newly found cave system.
  • A Lendalarian merchant caravan has been lost en route to the vale-elven capital of Krimnach — across the Dread Mountains.
  • The prelate of the recently founded Church of Andhrama has gone missing, and its temple desecrated, with runes reading “NEVER AGAIN” scrawled across its shrine.

Only three more realms left to detail, and then onward to the next step of sandbox creation. I know I’m looking forward to it ;D


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