Let’s Make An OD&D Sandbox Campaign (Part Five).



Yiss. A big, shiny new map of Eurychra, finally done between bouts of Wasteland Workshop inspired play of Fallout 4. The aforementioned changes to the map mentioned in the “tour” overview are here, plus I finally named all the rivers in the area. Looking at Rob Conley’s “How To Make A Fantasy Sandbox” I’m down to part part 22, where I come up with plots connecting two or more locales together. While I have already written these, I’m keeping them to myself for the time being — but honestly, anyone who has read the overview material could easily figure most of them out. This leads to part 23, creating three to five single sentence encounters for each locale. I’ll probably serialize each of these by area in oncoming posts, provided Fallout 4 loosens its grasp (and the re-vamped survival mode doesn’t drop anytime soon).


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