Sandbox Campaign Update.

While still working on the new map, I began hashing out some details about the character races of Eurychra. While detailing their combined histories, some wrinkles appeared in the overall mesh. For instance, not all the races will be available for players, as their histories are withdrawn from common lore (such as the mysterious people of Amoq, or the Urani, or high-elves) or have practiced a insular existence throughout their history (as the men of Gildur, or the Nereni, or sea-elves of Hesperia). After these initial bouts of brainstorming and doing a good deal of research, I also decided on using the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons rules for the campaign. I found the current span of character classes and options for them in particular impressed me, and I’m pleased to say that while the choices in race have become even more limited, the playable races will be able to encompass almost every sort of class available.

While I won’t submit the entire writing, since it was make for a overly long and dull post, I will paste in a bit of it here:

The Hyleni are said by most outsiders to be cold and distant, but while they do not eschew emotion altogether, due to the teachings of the god Nomus the Law-giver they hold logic and reason in highest regard. They are great sages, legists and politicians. The Hylenic language was the basis of all Elven tongues and their accounts of pre-history and history are held in highest regard by all races. The Hylenes (wood-elven males), are seen as the “roots” of society, while the Hylenas (females) are the supporting “branches”, providing the “fruits” of future generations. Thus males dominate both the government and social order of Cor Arbirros, with the females mainly organizing affairs among themselves and those of their children. The wood-elves have umber to red hair, with pale to olive skin and green to hazel eyes. Hylenic characters lend their backgrounds to wizardry, the ranger Hunter archetype, Battle Master fighters with archery backgrounds, and Nomic paladins or clerics with a balance of Life and War domain spells. Note that such professions would be limited to male characters, seeing as how any females who seek predominant positions outside Hylenic society (but not necessarily the Nomic clergy) would be shunned.

This sort of stuff will be revised and edited later, for sure, but for now had provided me was a great deal of inspiration as to what political conflicts are present, as well to more than a few scenario ideas. So for now, the map is on the way, plus more examples as to how the world is shaping up…





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