Let’s Make An OD&D Sandbox Campaign (Part Four).

While the last post covered the more organized areas of Eurychra, this time let’s look at those other areas where the wild things are — lairs. Again, this is a loose term, as some of these areas are as populated as the ones mentioned before, but are either so often in flux or simply unknown to the peoples of the continent that they have been relegated to an inferior social status. Tread lightly, in other words, for here be monsters…

BAD GALETH (Ked. “dividing wall”). Ancient ruin long ago held by Jehar the Usurper against the kingdom of Eburelon (q.v.). Although eventually sacked by the combined might of Kedanian and Khadathian forces, the cruel magics forced into being by Jehar’s wizard Golgamed are rumored to still seek some life in the dungeons far beneath the castle’s remains.

BLEAK HILLS. Broken lands among the Cilegan River (q.v.), south of Harwald and the Harrow-moors (qq.v.). Lair for a mysterious cult who have invaded both Harwald and Udan (qq.v.) in the past.

DREAD MOUNTAINS. Range reaching up along the eastern reaches of Amoq (q.v.), separating it from the dwarven kingdoms of Lendalar and Brunheath (qq.v.) to its south. The Oroi Gargaros, as they are known in the Hylenic tongue, have a long and fearsome history, truly earning their name. Fire-giant keeps built around volcanic peaks and dragon hoards deep within massive fissures have been told to exist, amid all other sorts of horrors.

HARROW-MOORS. A fearsome wetland filled with all sorts of dread creatures, rumored to be controlled by an ancient beast known by the people of Harwald (q.v.) as Blindnath the Dark Serpent.

HINDER PEAKS. The Oroi Anthistas, as they are known to Hylenic scholars, reach along the eastern borders of Udan (q.v.), barring it from the arid plains of Amoq (q.v.), further east. While many fearsome beasts predominate the area, the presence of a long-standing tribe of stone-giants offer a suitable, if unintended, ally to the free-peoples.

KNOLLANDS. Great expanse of broken land lying north between the kingdoms of Cor Arbirros and Harwald (qq.v.). The realm is not unlike the others, with rulers and subordinates governing those beneath them — but to a much more violent and chaotic degree. Tribes of orcs, gnolls and goblin-folk are harried by ogres and hill-giants, resulting in either periods of servitude or open war. The former states are those most dangerous to the outlying kingdoms, for often a given leader will have such delusions of grandeur as to attempt an invasion. While such strikes are typically resisted, they are not without great losses. When war breaks out among the denizens of the Knollands, the losses are greater still, and the rugged fortress of Stonewall (q.v.) ends up occupied by yet another regime.

MURKMIRE. Spawling wetland in the southwest, south of Cor Arbirros (q.v.) and west of Khadath (q.v.), created by the River Pelagrus (q.v.) to its northeast, and the Rivers Dythrea and Kylophis (qq.v.). Like the Harrow-moors (q.v.) to its north, the Murkmire is realm of ill-repute, if not more so. It is best known as the lair of the largest known tribe of lizard-men, who have been known to militarize and launch attacks against their neighboring realms. Whether these attacks have been to gain knowledge of their enemies’ defenses or to simply ward off possible invaders is unknown. As of late, the reptilian horde has been rumored to be directed by whatever force has taken residence in Castle Quag, the bleak fortress erected at the center of the Murkmire.

RIVELWOOD. Large expanse of woodland, south of the Bleak Hills (q.v.), set between the Andlang and Cilegan Rivers (qq.v.). It neighbors the northernmost province of Udan (q.v.), Magdal-Ayin (q.v.), where patrols often watch its borders. The Rivelwood is known to be haunted forest, the dark heart of which can be found in the depths of the Rivelwood Caverns.

SPURWOOD. Small forest east of the Bleak Hills (q.v.). Known mostly for the Spurwood Hole, a cave with a mysterious history.

STONEWALL. Rugged stone fortress which has become a permanent fixture in the northern Knollands (q.v.). It is more often than not occupied by the tribes of hill-giants and ogres that are in constant war against each other in the region.

WRINGWOOD. Vine-filled forest surrounding the northern Murkmire (q.v.). Most relate to the Wringwood less than a place and more like some tendrilous beast which devours all who enter its borders.



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