Radio Free Albemuth — The Movie.

Everyone who knows me knows I love the Dick. That being Philip K. Dick, of course. The writer who inspired such amazing films as Blade RunnerTotal Recall and A Scanner Darkly was delineated as a “science fiction author”, but the real grist of his mill was that of social and political conflict and their effects on the identity of the individual. Like Vonnegut and Harry Harrison, he used his wit like a scalpel, carving sharp and precise metaphors that cut deeply into the world outside his imagined realms. They dug so deeply later in his career that he even inserted himself into their workings, with the posthumous works VALIS and Radio Free Albemuth, both based on supposed metaphysical events in the author’s life.

While I have been aware of the above cinematic adaptations of his works (and others, not as successful), apparently a film version of Radio Free Albemuth was shot back in 2007, starring Alanis Morrisette and The Walking Dead‘s Scott Wilson. No, I haven’t seen it — yet, but certainly plan on doing so. The trailer for the film is below:

While not particularly impressive on its own, I am still curious to see how faithful it is to the novel, which is one of my faves. It supposedly should be released via VOD soon.


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Albemuth — The Movie.

  1. Radio Free Albemuth will play theatres in the U.S. in ten major cities starting June 27th , including New York and Los Angeles, with simultaneous digital release. The screening of the film was the centerpiece of the first International Philip K. Dick Conference in Berkeley. “I was blown away. Loved it.” – according to David Gill, a leading PKD scholar who runs the Total Dick-head website. Radio Free Albemuth also was selected to screen at Lincoln Center Film Society as part of the Indie Night series curated by super-indie producers Christine Vachon and Ted Hope. Here’s link to article from Bleeding Cool – “I love the movie adaptation of Radio Free Albemuth. I want everyone to see it . Radio Free Albemuth is a terrific movie, a personal project and a labour of love, the type of quirky indie movie they used to make in the 1990s.” — Adi Tantimedh.

    According to PKD Scholar Ted Hand on the PKD & Religion website: “The Radio Free Albemuth movie is the Philip K. Dick movie we’ve been waiting for. The first truly faithful PKD adaptation: mind blowing fun.” According to Variety: “Engrossing. Well-performed. Delivers suspense. For audiences seeking sci-fi with political and philosophical substance”

    But here’s the review I’m proudest of as writer/director:

    “‘I think the movie is amazing. I loved it. And I’m sure Phil would have loved it, too. I wish he could have seen it.'” – David Hartwell, editor, friend and publisher of Philip K. Dick after Radio Free Albemuth screening at Lincoln Center.

    Link for the “official” 2014 trailer just released – not the one above – is here:

    I realize that PKD fans like myself have been disappointed in the past by movie adaptations – but this is NOT a product of the Hollywood machine. There’s not millions of advertising dollars for TV spots and market research for trailers that successfully sell empty movies with the efficiency of Coca Cola. In fact we raised the modest release funds via Kickstarter – with contributions from the filmmakers – who took no fees (not even the book rights cost) out of the budget. This will be a grass-roots conspiracy to inject unadulterated PKD into the American bloodstream. Please check out the FB page for the latest on our modest crusade……..

    Lots of discussion going on there and my fellow PKD fans are always able to contact me through FB.

    We not only want your support – but your participation. We’ll be posting ways to get involved. — John Alan Simon for the Radio Free Albemuth team.

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