I was one of the first people who, when seeing the first promo for NBC’s new show Hannibal, to say “Oh no, not again.” I mean Hannibal Rising (a.k.a. The Young Hannibal Adventures, as I prefer to call it) was enough, right? Surely to God a TV series is not even required. Well, when I found out that Mads Mikkelsen (of Casino Royale and Valhalla Rising fame) was turning down film roles right and left to work on the show, I became intrigued. And when I found out David Slade (of 30 Days of Night fame) was involved, I became interested. After the first episode, I was thrilled.

For those who don’t know, the show takes place before Silence of the Lambs, and even before Red Dragon (or Michael Mann’s superior Manhunter, based on the same Thomas Harris novel), when Will Graham and Lecter first work together, with the fun being that we, as the audience, know how things will work out. But do we?

Based on the first two episodes I’ve watched, the show weighs heavily on Graham (wonderfully played by Brit Hugh Dancy), as it should — but wavers a bit more towards Lecter than it should. Let’s hope NBC (who has done a wonderful job of bringing such a dark and grisly show to air otherwise) has things well in hand.


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