Early Works.

On my recent birthday post, I mentioned wanting to find some artwork I had on one of my first webpages, a site I had sponsored by the good folks at Planetquake — my very first “Scampie comic” among them. Whilst trolling about the interwebs tonight, I finally found a site which had archived a number of the old PQ sites, including my own. So here are a few golden oldies from at least about a decade or so ago:

This is a little Lovecraftian pic I did, which was a big hit amongst the Quake fans I knew (for reasons which are obvious if you’ve ever played the game).

Harry Potter meets Silent Bob. Have no idea what inspired this one.

Spock meets Homer. Again, no idea — but it’s funny at least.

At long last, my first ever Scampie comic, “Four Helpings of Scampie”, which I did under my internet pseudonym Biff Debris. I actually didn’t mean for the Scampie character to  mispronounce “Darth Sidius” as “Darth Sirius”, but it added another level of humor to the pic.


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