John Carpenter’s The Thing: The Musical.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m nuts about anything John Carpenter. Shit, I would re-watch his take on Village of the Damned instead of anything playing on TV most days. And don’t get me started on The Thing. There are few films which are as memorable, quotable and infinitely enjoyable. Sure, one needs a strong stomach to endure Rob Bottin’s mind-bending practical effects (most of which stand up still today in this age of overwrought CGI), but the film’s strong performances, script and Carpenter’s signature thematic style of direction really make the film what it is. Anyway, enough background — we’re here today to make fun of it.

Well, as with the best of satire, in this case it’s done with a great deal of love. Jon and Al Kaplan (and their friend, vocalist Nick Amado) turn everyone’s favorite quicksilver shape shifting extraterrestrial into one heck of a saloon singer. just imagine his tendrils wrapped around a microphone stand in a smoke-filled cabaret as you listen:


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