Somebody cue the Beatles, ’cause it’s my birthday today! Yes friends, four decades and five years ago, this stubbornly still-not-grown-up boy was first issued into the world. And I’d thought I’d celebrate with some art I’ve done over the years for my friends on their birthdays. I know, it seems kind of generous, but it’s really not — I’m just recycling stuff I did a long time ago.

Back then, on the internet planet known as Terrafusion (which I still manage to visit from time to time — I’ll be in this weekend, guys), I did a simple four panel comic in honor of Sean Campbell (a.k.a. “scampie”)’s birthday (bastardizing a design already created by another friend, Matthew “Lunaran” Breit). The bad news is that I cannot find the original art for that comic, or any version of it posted online — but I do have others that I did for him over the years, like the year he was ill, and I imagined him in bed with his “party favors”:

Or the year he wanted to take on the awesome personage of “Solid Snake Scampie”.

There were others who wanted their “likenesses” portrayed on their birthdays, such as Dan Shannon , otherwise known as “cardO”:

There was also the birthday of Benjamin Darling — otherwise known as “Electro”, who I lazily referred to as the Marvel villain (here fraternizing with the heroines of Quake III: Arena):

And David Queener, otherwise known as “scar3crow (pictured with the Strogg Woodsman, his faithful “Dorothy” and the Cowardly Shambler)”:

There was also the birthday of Daniel Platt, a.k.a. “voodoochopstiks”, which I first commemorated via his strict description (don’t ask me why he wanted this, only he could tell):

Then I tried to immortalize his internet likeness as an action hero:

There were others, but I simply don’t have the art (please let me know if any of you out there do, so I can post them for memory’s sake). I’ll be sure to include them in future birthday posts, and any others I end up doing. meanwhile cue the Beatles again, that song rules!



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