My Lumberton.

Yes, yes, I’m sure all you hipster types know about Portlandia, that show on IFC with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, right? Well, I don’t watch it (I watch IFC for their non-edited movies — but I must admit I am a sucker for Whisker Wars). So it was a shock to me when recently I heard Kyle MacLachlan singing on a commercial for it.

I’m a big MacLachlan fan. Well, I’m a big David Lynch fan, and MacLachlan is in two of my fave Lynch films: Blue Velvet and Dune (yes, I know it’s a travesty to the books and whatever — I don’t care), and don’t get me started on Twin Peaks. Apparently on Portlandia he plays the mayor, and likes the place so much he breaks into song.

Well, having no connection to the show myself, I immediately imagine him singing to stuff like this:


Anyway, I took the bit from the YouTube and played with it in GoldWave, and here it is in all it’s epic glory.


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