The Walking Dead (Season Three).

This weekend has been a nerdvana (lols) for me, after having spent most of yesterday evening logging in time with the special features of my Prometheus Blu-Ray set (we’re talking nearly seven hours of awesomeness — still have yet to get to Ridley Scott’s commentary tracks, though), tonight I was sitting on go for the beginning of Season Three of The Walking Dead. And it’s a good thing I was, since the first episode, “Seed”, hits the ground running. Literally.

Without going into too much detail, Rick and the crew have been doing nothing but running for the past few months. The demise of Herschel’s farm apparently has made all good and paranoid, but still hopeful for some sort of permanent shelter. Lori’s pregnancy (she’s really showing now) also lends weight to this idea. While past episodes have been filled with debate and indecision, this one portrays Rick and company as a lean, mean zombie killing machine. And boy, do they kill them some zombies.

Also on tap is our first good look at the mysterious Michonne, who has also been on the run with Andrea, who got seperated from the group at the end of last season. Don’t let her “pets” (the chained pair of jawless and armless zombies she keeps with her most of the time) or her deadly katana skills fool you — while quite the woman warrior, she appears to have a heart as well.

No spoilers here, but at the end of the show I was standing by the side of my bed, and desperately wanting to see the next episode. Damn you, Walking Dead, damn you.


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