When it comes down to the greatest filmmakers, true artistes du cinéma if you will, none ranks higher in my mind than Stanley Kubrick. It’s amazing to consider the man had created a science-fiction film which stands up by both technological and creative standards to this day was released the year I was born (1968, the film being 2001: A Space Odyssey of course). Even his early work with Kirk Douglas, Paths of Glory and Spartacus, are faves of mine — but they’re without the iconographic style of his films to come.

One key to that unique vision is Kubrick’s attention to perspective and symmetry. Given his photographic background this seems obvious, but the extent to which he used a one-point perspective in his films is more evident than I thought. Thanks to Rope of Silicon and Vimeo user kogonada, here is a short video that illustrates this perspective at work:


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