Magic City.

I know what you’re thinking. You take one look at Starz’s new premium cable series Magic City and immediately think “Mad Men clone”. Well sure, it takes place in the late 50’s, and has plenty of swagger (indeed, even more than Mad Men has ever had), but there’s plenty of meat with all that dressing, I assure you.

Magic City is the tale of one Isaac “Ike” Evans (the incredibly awesome Jeffery Dean Morgan), a former cabana boy who made good and managed to take all the goods — he runs the Miramar Hotel smack dab in the middle of Miami Beach. While this was a feat in and of itself, he managed it without completely selling out to mobster Ben “The Butcher” Diamond (the also incredibly awesome Danny Huston) — Diamond only holds 49 percent of the shares. Herein lies the main crux of the show, with Ike wanting his independence and good standing, while Diamond waits in the wings and demands more.

Add to this Ike’s elder son Stevie (Steven Strait), who’s boffing Diamond’s wife Lily (Jessica Marais), and a team of cops willing to take Ike down in hopes of getting Diamond, and you’ve got some decent pot-stirring. Not to mention Olga Kurylenko as Ike’s wife, and the also incredibly awesome Alex Rocco as his dad Arthur — and a seemingly endless steam of beautiful women and scenery — and you’ve got a decent slow burn going. We’re not talking Game of Thrones or maybe even Mad Men, but it’s something to keep tabs on, for certain.


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