Happy Birthday, Sissy.

Seeing as how my sister Lisa is a published romance author now (you can visit her official website here), I thought it only fitting that her homemade birthday card have the same theme, but with that special touch to remind her that it’s from her Bubby. The main influence came from the Barbara Cartland paperbacks that both she and my mother devoured when we were young. The titles were always like Love’s Tangled Undergarments, or some such claptrap. For the purely English-speaking (and those unfamiliar with the wonders of Babelfish) “Château Résidus de Chat” is supposed to mean “House of Cat Feces”, and Imma Lustiger Bruder is an obvious pseudonym for yours truly, meaning “(I’m A) Funny Brother” in German. Or so the great and powerful Babelfish tells me. Anyways, she thought it was funny, and that’s all that really matters.


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