Preach On, Papa John.

Here in total is John Carmack’s recent post at his Armadillo Aerospace website about  his view of government, and I have to agree with him on several points. God knows bureaucracy has always been the doom of any form of government, since no system can dynamically adjust itself to its own evolution. In many ways Carmack’s view is as conservative as my own, with our government being essentially a warped stretch between the aforementioned bureaucratic luggage and an idealistic want of balance, or the “cry of ‘Do something'”, as he puts it. His euphemism of equating taxation to monthly utility bills hits home, not only illustrating the responsibility we have as citizens towards the amount of government spending, but it underscores the above points as each citizen should see it.

He posts that the main reason he posted his views was to settle things with his mother and stepfather, who are “intelligent people”, apparently using the old Koppel Method, as Zappa loved to call it*.

* Zappa often loved to watch Ted Koppel on the ABC news program Nightline, where if Koppel had described any given person on the panel or in discussion as an “intelligent man” at least twice, it surely meant that he truly thought the person was beyond stupid.


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